Universal Jig is a system which has modularity in all the three XYZ axis which allows to setup Jigs accurately with standard tools provided by manufacturers.

The Celette universal jig system called the Cameleon is a set of customizable tools that enables the user to build highly accurate jig for any vehicle.

The universal jig system works with a web based user-friendly software that determines the layout of each car based on the 3D database acquired from the respective automotive OEMs globally.

The universal jig system has modularity of 1 mm on each X, Y & Z axis which enables to control the length, width & height of the different points in the car during the repair process.


Cameleon universal jig system offers a complete and accurate structural repair solution for all the existing and upcoming vehicles without the need for additional tools.

Online 3D software of Cameleon universal jig system ensures UP-TO-DATE largest world vehicle database.

No compromise in the accuracy level of repair by Celette adaptable jig.

Intuitive assembly layout facilitates quick construction of Cameleon universal jig.

Complete universal jig solution for measuring/diagnosis, anchoring, re-construction and repair with a unique technique for all the vehicles in the segment.

Universal jig setup can be customized online with 3D interaction interface to response your repair environment.

Diagnostic, Pre and Post report can be created and sent to insurance companies or customers using Celette universal jig system.

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