Sevenne XL

Extra long mobile bench on wheels

  • REF NOSVN09XL.3112

Extended length bench on wheels is specially designed for repairing larger commercial vehicles. The key feature of this bench allows to position under a 2-post lift for loading and to easily move between work bays. The 5.8 m (19 ft) length is suitable for light trucks and commercial vehicles. The universal peripheral frame enables quick anchoring; adjustment of the clamps, wheels, transport handle; and multi-function supports

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SVN09XL.3112 Bench + 4 anchoring clamps + pulling unit + storage trolley
9121.523 Multi-function support
CSK.15111 Pulling kit
ROLL.100 Trolley displacement
SC.40014 4 Ton hydraulic kit
9124.013 Supplementary vector pulling unit
9121.533 Steering handle
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