If you have a Celette bench, it is now possible to rent fixtures sets from your nearest Celette rental center. Measure, secure, reposition vehicles vital nodes. It is a 3 in 1 system!

In 2008, manufacturers asked Celette France to create a rental department in order to enhance services, increase the quality of rented fixtures, and enable direct communication with them.

Our goal is to offer collision repair professionals our utmost know-how in recommendations.

With a customer service team, 100% dedicated and ready to assist you, you have us at your disposal:

  • Dedicated fixtures are developed by our Technical Office’s recommendations and OEM directed modifications. Sets are released as soon as new vehicles are launched.
  • operational technical support
  • fixtures are consistently checked after each use and a metrological control is done on of each part in order to ensure its precision
  • new packaging re-greening
Here is a video example on your advantages in renting products suiting the vehicle needing to be repaired.

Our staff is at your disposal +33 (0)800 877 770 (toll free number)


  • 1/ Search vehicle:

  • 2/ On vehicle sheet:

    List your equipment

  • 3/ On vehicle sheet:
    Select a Rental Center from the map:

    Provide the rental date information.
    Click on Request your rental button.

  • 4/ In My rentals menu:Your Rental Center has received an email.

    He will tell you which tools you need
    You then can order order below RENT PRICE block.

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