CELETTE is very proud to announce that our New Measuring System EAGLE has won the First Prize at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 – Innovation Awards in the category Body & Paint.
– Online 3D software for vehicle database
– Quick measurement
– Original data from OEM
– Accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm
– Quick diagnosis report – Complete vehicle body measurement in about 10 minutes
– Total weight apx. 10Kg



The SEMA Show this year was extraordinary! Celette had a fantastic week in Las Vegas with plenty of significant contacts, fresh business, and new chances! We appreciate each and every one of our distributors, partners, and guests that stopped by our booth to check out our newest products. SEMA 2022 met with great success! We look forward to seeing you at SEMA 2023 again the following year!



CELETTE has added a new product on its range “EV BATTERY LIFT“.
A portable full-rise scissor lift table is ideal for replacing an EV battery pack. To raise, lower, and move components like an engine, a transmission, a seat, a fuel tank, an axle, or a high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) battery. The BATPRO from Celette is the ideal example of an EV Battery Lifter with a lifting capability of 2500 kg and a lifting range of 800mm to 1800mm.

  • Transporting items from one place to another is made easy by their portable design.

  • For secure handling of batteries, a range of lifting brackets are accommodated by uniform mounting holes on the top surface.

  • Low rolling resistance and easy maneuverability are delivered by a steering arm of the pallet-jack type.

  • A typical hand pendant station that enables users to remotely control the lift during all lifting activities.

  • Mechanism for tilting the top surface forward, backward, and sideways to more precisely align the electric batteries.

  • For more information click here


    SEMA SHOW 2022
    BOOTH NUMBER: 31073

    CELETTE is pleased to invite you all to our stall on The SEMA Show takes place November 1 – November 4, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center,
    Booth number: 31073 – located at 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109.



    Dear Business Partners & Valued Customers,
    We are glad to inform you that after a long gap of four years, Automechanika Frankfurt is going to commence within a period of 2 weeks. Celette is pleased to invite you all to our stall which spreads across 220 sq mts in Hall 11.0 C11 and it will be our largest booth since the beginning of Automechanika Frankfurt. We will show case all our new products and developments such as RHONE XL & SMART RHONE on the benches side, EAGLE, the new 3D electronic measuring system, which is one of the 10 finalists in the category of Automechanika Body & Paint best products.
    The new Celette Web tools comprise of NEW CAMELEON, EAGLE & NAJA (coming soon) software, the Cameleon Chassis for Light Truck Frame anchoring and collision repair, IMPROVED CAMELEON UPPER BODY JIGS and last but not the least the NEW CARBON FIBER & Aluminium dedicated Jigs which is 3 times lighter than the current ones. Our complete range of welding equipments.
    On the Heavy Duty Equipment side, we will display the NEW MAMOUTH and its range of accessories.
    Since the last Automechanika, Celette has been investing a lot in manpower, facilities and machineries to strengthen our future in order to stay as the technical leader of Collision Repair Equipments before evolving to some other leadership in our industry. In order to display so many new products, concepts and developments, Celette invests around 20% of its payroll in the R&D and we engage 11% of our revenue in this regards.
    Geopolitics and logistics has created a lot of turmoil in the past years. So, in order to avoid any trouble in our future development Celette has diversified its production which was based in France and Thailand by launching 3 new additional facilities in China, India and Thailand. Of course, due to some strategic reasons, the production in France shall shrink and expanded in other areas.
    Please visit us at Hall 11.0 C11 to explore the new innovations and the Celette team will be pleased to assist you for any kind of query or questions you may have.
    Please reach us at: info@celette.com


    Nouveaux Outillages disponibles

    AUDI A5 Cabriolet 2017, Complément MZ / MZ Complementary set, Ref. VAS801055 A utiliser avec VAS801025 VAS801039 (AUDI A5) To use with VAS801025 VAS801039 (AUDI A5) Portique Complémentaire / Complementary Gantry set


    Nouveaux emballages / New Packaging

    CHEVROLET Malibu 2016, Montage MZ / MZ Bracket set,


    MERCEDES-BENZ Class E Cabriolet A238

    Complément MZ / MZ Complementary set, Ref. 7238.5A02, A utiliser avec / To use with 7205.5C 7238.5A01 Portique complémentaire / Complementary gantry set Ref. 7238.8A02


    OPEL Corsa E

    Montage MZ / MZ Jigset, Ref. 2103.508, A utiliser avec 2103.310 (Corsa D)


    PORSCHE PANAMERA II 2017 Type 971

    Montage MZ / MZ Bracket set Ref. 2688.5A Portique / Gantry set Ref. 2688.8A Portique / Gantry set Ref. 2688.8A


    SEAT IBIZA 2018 “SE270”

    Complément MZ / MZ Complementary set Ref. VAS801053 Portique / Gantry set VAS802053 Portique / Gantry set Ref. VAS802053



    Montage MZ / MZ Bracket set Ref. 2690.5A Portique / Gantry set Ref. 2690.8A Portique / Gantry set Ref. 2690.8A Véhicule acier / Location du matériel autorisé Steel vehicle / Rental allowed


    TOYOTA Hilux Revo / Hilux Prerunner 2WD Types AN120 / AN130

    Montage MZ / MZ Bracket set Ref. 2647.5A Pour HILUX Revo types AN120 4WD et HILUX Prerunner AN130 2WD For HILUX Revo types AN120 4WD and HILUX Prerunner AN130 2WD



    Montage MZ / MZ Bracket set Ref. VAS801053 Portique / Gantry set Ref. VAS802059



    Montage MZ / MZ Bracket set Ref. VAS801041 Portique / Gantry set Ref. VAS802041

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