System MZ+

Tower + piston + top = The right combination

  • REF NO: Upon request

System MZ+ is an evolution from the MZ system. It is simple, rapid and accurate for holding and positioning. The modular crossmembers, MZ towers and pistons are universal. The MZ+ tops are vehicle specic.

Homologated by the world leading car manufacturers, the MZ jig system is an accurate tool based on a fiture system that is used on car production line which eliminates operator error (no guess work) and ideal for any structural repairs

  • Specification
  • Optional Accessories
  • Suspension Out
  • Suspension In

9113.063 Overhead gantry
955A.9252 5 Aluminum crossmembers set with storage trolley
MZ450.925 Set of 22 MZ towers + storage trolley (Evoultion of reference MZ450.915)
XXXX.XX Vehicle specifi bracket sets (Refer website)
955A.9012 Aluminum crossmembers set
955A.9412 6 Mercedes aluminum crossmembers set
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