CELETTE has added a new product on its range “EV BATTERY LIFT“.
A portable full-rise scissor lift table is ideal for replacing an EV battery pack. To raise, lower, and move components like an engine, a transmission, a seat, a fuel tank, an axle, or a high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) battery. The BATPRO from Celette is the ideal example of an EV Battery Lifter with a lifting capability of 2500 kg and a lifting range of 800mm to 1800mm.

  • Transporting items from one place to another is made easy by their portable design.

  • For secure handling of batteries, a range of lifting brackets are accommodated by uniform mounting holes on the top surface.

  • Low rolling resistance and easy maneuverability are delivered by a steering arm of the pallet-jack type.

  • A typical hand pendant station that enables users to remotely control the lift during all lifting activities.

  • Mechanism for tilting the top surface forward, backward, and sideways to more precisely align the electric batteries.

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